"Don't pull me back, it looks so wonderful. . . Further on!"

Bao is Pixar's latest short story of a mother and her struggle to let her son grow up and move on without her. It explores the Mother as creator, devourer, and a mother transformed. 

Mother As Creator:

Bao begin...

I was draped over the sofa, succumbing to a bout of self-loathing, distraught over nothing in particular; naturally, I decided to watch a real-crime series on occult murders to lighten the mood.

During the second or third episode, I noticed my reactions to a string...

Think back...Way back. To when humanity wandered the earth hunter/gatherer style. Scientist say the global population was between 2-4 million. Today that number has skyrocketed to over 7 Billion!

It's easy to say that humans took over the world and rose to the top of th...

I've survived two serious car wrecks in my relatively short life. Through the physical and psychological trauma, my body has developed a defense- a mild PTSD. 

I have trouble taking naps in moving cars. I wake myself up, bracing for a rollover collision that isn't there...

Every so often, an artist must create art that is therapeutic and fun. Fun to produce and consume. 

I had just finished the last draft of a very serious and heavy script, which was exhausting, and real life was crowding in too; I needed a break from adulthood....

I prefer reading Plato (The guy pointing up), but decided it was time to break into Aristotle's Poetics and Rhetoric and was surprised by some of the gems I uncovered there. If I had read this important work sooner I could have avoided a few of the missteps I've taken...

"To me, the most important thing is to tell a good story. If I can do that, I think that enlightenment, respect of nature, etc. follows." -Kathryn Lasky, Writer

I had a two-week break between substitute and summer school teaching in the Greater Seattle Area, and had the...

The Heirloom, written by myself, illustrated by Jacob Redmon, and produced by John Bucher (Sideshow Media Group) will be available for purchase very soon!

It all began in a cramped economy seat on an American Airlines plane taxiing on a Port-Au-Prince airstrip in Haiti....

I recently held a two-day screenwriting lecture at Harding University. I decided to follow up the class with a series of short video essays on Story.


The first video is a simple introduction but also briefly explains why understanding Story is most important to the low...

So, you think you've just had a brilliant story idea. 


Well, can it fit into a well-constructed premise, or will it be thrown overboard? 


Here are four steps to crafting a killer premise. 


1. We need a protagonist, everybody knows this, but he also needs a problem to o...

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