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I am a self-driven creative, always ready to break new ground and bring bold ideas to life. Through my various projects, I have made friendships from all corners of the globe that have helped me better understand the full tragedy and beauty of the human condition that connects us all, and Ultimately, I am a storyteller in love with the humans of this planet.


In addition to my creative projects, I have held lectures on storytelling, filmmaking, and copyright law at Harding University, the Arkansas Arts Commission, and the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center. I have also created workshops with the Little Rock Innovation Hub, and have assisted award-winning writers on workshops at the American Film Institute.


Most recently, I was invited to speak on the influential connections between Hip-Hop, personal narrative, and legal decision making at LSU-Shreveport. Right now, I am the Entertainment Law Director of the Sports and Entertainment Law Student Society; in production with LA-based artist Jacob Redmon on the webcomic "Nobody's Special;" In post-production for my feature film, "All That Remains;" and, am pursuing my Juris Doctorate at William H. Bowen School of Law in Little Rock.

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