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Dylan Treadwell is a storyteller with a J.D. currently based out of the Greater Los Angeles Area.


A filmmaker, writer, story consultant, and speaker: he has worked with creative companies and organizations, including Funny Or Die, Gary Sanchez Productions, Sideshow Media Group, Center on the Squareand the Cabot Foundation for Arts and Culture. 


He has lectured on storytelling, intellectual property, and the intersection of mythology and law at the Arkansas Arts Commission, Arkansas Small Business & Technology Development Center, the Innovation Hub, LSU-Shreveport, and Harding University.


Right now, Dylan is the intellectual property consultant for the Joseph Campbell Foundation and a multiplayer QA tester in lighting development support at Naughty Dog. 

Ultimately, Dylan is a storyteller whose love of people, their cultures, and beliefs drives him toward a better understanding of what connects the human race- challenging him to discover and create transformative and cathartic experiences.

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