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In this disgusting masterpiece, there is a battle between Good and Evil, God and Satan, Light and Dark. I've broken down the film into important frames that visually illustrate the themes within the film.

F1: The exorcist feels the demon has been released and he sets out to find it

F2: The Exorcist passes through dark/light streets/alleyways juxtaposed.

F3: Dark horse nearly tramples exorcist (wearing light clothing)

F4: The Demon statue blocks out the sun

F5: Black Dog vs. White Dog

F6: The forces of good and evil seem evenly matched as the exorcist and the demon stand across the divide.

F7: The mother smiles at children in Halloween costumes (satan/evil)

F8: nuns in white, pass on the opposite side of street

F9: The protagonist walks through a series of dark and light places juxtaposed. Here, he is in a dark subway and meets a crazy beggar.

F10: Light Street, kids playing

F11: Dark Bedroom where the protagonist struggles with Science vs. Faith

F12: Protagonist’s mother’s Room, Bright happy, innocent

F13: Bedroom- dark (evil resides), hallway- light (Safety)

F14: Psychiatrist’s office where mother learns her daughter is only suffering from adolescent/mental issues (Bright/Hopeful)

F15: Situation worsens, only light source is outside, Inside is becoming cold, lifeless

F16: Psychiatrist’s Office, mother is in the dark about what’s happening to her daughter

F17: Dark room/ Bright hallway

F18: Exorcist/Savior silhouetted in light

F19: The Demon seems to be winning the fight/ blocking out the light

F20: Face is half dark/half light as protagonist struggles with faith vs. science

F21: Exorcist/Savior illuminated in light

F22: protagonist watches on, cloaked in dark confusion

F23: Protagonist is prompted By the innocent light of his mother

F24: Protagonist knows what to do and takes on the demon

F25: The room is Bright, as the demon is cast into the dark stairwell below

F26: Darkness

F27: Chaos

F28: Painful descent into darkness

F29: Clean, bright, white room. Girl wears baby blue- the color of innocence

F30: Protagonist is finally cloaked in light, like the hero/savior

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